Mortuary in Dörgicse

  • ANDRÁS KRIZSÁN cert. architect
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  • László Mózes cert. architect
Contractor: Németh Ferenc.

Designed in 2006
Constructed in 2007

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


"The ancient, eternal-modern Asian view of the world and space declares the mutually complementing relationship of life and death. It also the topic dealt with by the tiny volume entitled The Heart of Beauty, an anthology of ancient Chinese writings on aesthetics: the dual concept of "wind and bone" functions as a defining objects of meditation in it. Feng shui. the play of the wind and water is a guideline whenever a new building is to be set in a landscape and a specific, sometimes inscrutable caprice. This is especially true of Dörgicse. Its name is a reference to thunderclaps in itself: the manifestations of the ancient powers of nature that filter the elementary and autotelic "scenery". This is what architect András Krizsán continued and transcended into a mortuary building, the "deviceless scenes of decay and evanescence", when deciding in favour of applying the skeleton-like structural simplicity, the "decors free of decoration" in order to shape the environment."
(Péter Mújdricza, Hungarian Architecture 2007/4) 
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