Egry József School, Zánka

  • ANDRÁS KRIZSÁN DLA cert. architect
    MODUM Építésziroda Ltd.
    1147 BUDAPEST,  Czobor u. 60/B HUNGARY
    phone/fax:+36 (1) 220-0677
    mobile: +36 (30) 999-0027
    e-mail: krizsand@gmail.com
Architect staff:
  • Judit Csontó
  • Szabolcs Debreczeni
  • Ákos Medek cert. architect
    MEDEK Iroda Ltd.
    Gergely Szarka cert. civil engineer
Building engineering:
  • Csaba Rosza cert. building engineer
  • Zsuzsa Kovács electrical engineer
    QUALIKO Ltd.
    Dávid Sándor cert. electrical engineer
    CENTER Nonprofit Ltd.   
    8251 Zánka
Contractor: Kuti & Fia Ltd.
Technical expert:
  • László Pintér cert. architect
Designed in 2010-2011
Constructed in 2012

Photos: József Hajdú


The extension of the school in Zanka is worth analyzing from three aspects at least, concerning the relationship between the designer and the location in the narrower or wider sense of the word. Andras Krizsan was brought up in the vicinity and has been working here as a designer-architect for more than two decades now. Thus the actual task must have meant a lot more for him than just the realization of a simple functional extension. The extended structure had originally been one of the average-standard so-called winter resort building of the camp functioning as an educational building of the school at present. Owing to its original function the foyer as well as the community space and the communicating rooms of the structure are relatively small, thus the need to have a new aula built was a realistic one. This  was wittily connected to the original stair-hall by the designer with the result that every level suggested spaciousness now. He also wished to establish visual contacts of the northwest in two directions. Joining the office on the first storey, the terrace integrates the third layer which is to be analyzed apropos of a building worth discussing: it is the extra factor which makes a house more than just an edifice meeting purely funktional needs constructed in a correct way structurally.
(Gábor Erhardt MÉ-2011/3)
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